Our Caribbean artists reflect the very core of humanity and exhibit our culture to It’s finest manner. All the artists belonging to various genres like Soca, Calypso, Ska, Zouk, Kompa, Reggae and others, bear a privileged status. Artistic endeavors of such artists should be rewarded in the best possible manner. We are offering retirement plans to ensure a safe and sound retirement lifestyle, making It free from all future worries.

Why The Retirement Plan Is Essential

One leads a life with an aspiration to improve living standards and securing a future for oneself and family as well. The secret to a successful life, not only lies in what you have now, but It also weighs what you have planned for the future also. Retirement Plans make this future planning
easier and ensure a secured future after retirement.

Retirement is inevitable

One might think that work is an eternal part of life, and one may remain involved in work throughout his life. But this belief is nothing more than a myth and deception. There is surely an end to a person’s capability of staying committed to work. So retirement will come in some
phase of life and retirement plans are a feasible solution to stay secured.

Ensured family protection

These plans solely aim at securing your future. Other than providing benefits to the you and your family, they leave you with a peace of mind throughout your life before and after retirement.

Future Is uncertain

One must be optimistic throughout life, but optimism should not be confused with overconfidence regarding future matters. The future is always uncertain and can be managed well by retirement plans.

Our Retirement Planning Services

Ushine Nations is offering services to ensure artists and their families stay secured from future uncertainties. Our team
of professionals will help prepare you for your retirement years.
They will assess your life goals to see what you are looking to do both now and in the future. After assessment, our team will present you with the best plan that meets your demands and roots out future doubts.
Our plans are simple and focused on your future goals. All plans are specific to the demands,but end up on the same point which is your security and satisfaction.
We offer a wide range of retirement plans covering :

  • Simplified Employee Pension
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • Roth IRA
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Solo 401(k)

If you already have a retirement plan

It might be the case that you already have a retirement plan. Have a look at our proposed programs. Our flexible plans may include any policy that resonates with your future aspirations and proves to be the one you were looking for thus changing your decisions.

Why Us

Our plans are designed with a customer satisfaction approach. We value your present and future and strive to attain your bright future. Reliability is our prime attribute and our proposed programs reflect this. We do not aim at achieving short term benefits for you rather give our best to build a lifelong relationship with you so that you feel certain about your lifestyle after retirement. We assure:

Quality Customer Service

Being responsible for providing top notch services, we ensure that we maintain quality factor in our services to achieve maximum satisfaction. It is our duty to guide our customers regarding various future security programs to ease them in choosing the one which suits them the best.

Flexible Plans

Ushine Nations not only provides flexible programs, but also guides you while opting for the plan that resonates with your demands and future needs. Our comprehensive programs come with an assurance to take care of all your needs.



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