All the artists belonging to various genres seek the same output, which is appreciation and royalties. An artist works on his craft with full dedication and expects his music to become a profitable resource. It is possible by proper rights management. We also offer royalty rights for the artists in order to make handsome money from their valuable craft.

Why Royalty Rights Bear Importance

Artists and people belonging to music industry value music publishing companies as they are the prime source of making their music accessible to the people in an effective way. Apart from record labels which is the major target of the musicians, they also look for a platform that can not only pay them royalties but also manage the whole process throughout.

When It comes to the promotion of the music companies that manage royalty rights are the forefront and bear immense importance. Not all the artists can afford to acquire the services of these firms. Few artists have labels behind them who can provide them financial assistance for publishing, but not all artists have labels and financial resources. Music publishing is a vital aspect of our Caribbean music industry. The role of music publishers is to make certain that artists earn money from every source possible.

Our Services

UshineNations has yet again come forward for the artist community to make sure that they receive their due facilities as they are our most valuable asset. We are offering services to ensure artists and their families stay secured from future uncertainties. The royalty rate depends on the type of royalty fee.

Our services include paying royalties to artists under our programs when their work is performed, broadcast, streamed, downloaded, reproduced or used in film and TV. We offer full support to the artists by presenting our influencing policy and investing in new technology to ensure artists have our full support. Our services cover following royalties:

Public Performance Royalties

These royalties come from any public performance or are paid when your music is played publicly on radio and television stations. These royalties are based on each artist’s ownership share of the song.

Mechanical Royalties

Mechanical royalties are earned whenever your songs are recreated or rebroadcasted. Other sources of such royalties are when your music video is clicked and viewed, or streamed. These royalties are the publisher’s cut for CD or DVD sales.

Synchronization Royalties

It is a type of royalty in which you earn royalties when someone uses your music into their scenes, films or clips. Synchronization rights refer to the right to use a piece of music as a soundtrack with visual images. We ensure your payment when your music is used.

Why Us

Here at UshineNations we aim at providing maximum benefits to the art community and develop long term relationships with them. The strategies that we come up with are designed with a customer satisfaction approach. We are well equipped with modern and effective marketing and publishing procedures. We assure:

 Top-notch Management

We ensure that you are registered for the collection of the royalty. We will also assure that you are registered to your tracks to make your craft secure and finally ensure that no other person is registered to your track thus preventing others from getting undue benefits from your music.

Quality Customer Service

It is our duty to guide artists throughout the publishing and marketing process to ease their maximum profit. Being responsible for providing top-notch services, we ensure that we maintain quality factor in our services to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Effective Marketing

Our professionals are experienced when It comes to promoting your craft through online or offline channels. We aspire to build your career with the finest marketing strategies that make our reach to the people influential.



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