Prior to founding U-Shine Nations recently, Ms. Dubuisson worked in pharmaceutical sales, life insurance, annuities and operations management for nearly 15 years. He has held various positions over the years as Operations Manager, Pharmacy Coordinator and Sale Agents

While working in the pharmaceutical field, Mr. Dubuisson has always enjoyed volunteering as a part time promoter of special events. He has been active with several events held at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Seeing the need for ‘high quality’ entertainment financial services to support the artists and events promotion that will bring artists and fans closer to each other. For those reasons Mr. Dubuisson founded UShine Nations, Inc. which is a model designed to meet the needs of all artists, their families and the fans. An organization seeking to achieve operational efficiencies, create value and generate more engagement with their stakeholders. Ushine Nations, Inc. is the brainchild project from a social entrepreneurship program on ‘Passion and Innovation’ that Mr. Dubuisson attended through multiple College and university such as Broward College, the Start – Up Now program, and the Florida International University

Mr. Dubuisson studied Healthcare Administration at Miami Dade College.



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