To generate a long lasting relationship with followers, an artist performs at various events which gives him a chance to give more exposure to his loved ones. Our Caribbean industry has artists who hold various events to promote their music and to connect with fans. To make all this going smooth, event hosting and management needs to be managed properly. People want to engage with artists through various events and this always is a special moment for both artist and followers. To make It memorable and successful proper management is required.

When It comes to event management, certain issues come up including ticketing and event registration. Handling the complexity of these issues can be quite difficult. If not managed properly, you may end up with loss of customer attention and unsuccessful event.

Our Event Management Services

Ushine Nations aims to release you from the worries of event management and holds extensive experience in event management, which is reflected in our services. Our management team works with a dedicated purpose of managing your events thus assisting you to make It successful.We will sit with you to determine the best day, time and venue for the event.
Our management procedures are quite effective with positive reviews in the past. We always look forward to build long lasting relationships with the artist. Our event hosting services ensure :

Event Ticketing

UshineNations offers to ticket your event and register attendees in the best possible way. We will keep you updated regarding the numbers of tickets sold and anticipated attendance of the event.
We can integrate your venue and tickets into our ticket management system as well as ticketmaster, stubhub, seatgeak and others. We are the only management company in the Caribbean that offers this service. Currently, fans have to physically go to a store or radio station to buy tickets for events performed by Caribbean artists. We will provide you with a platform to sell tickets and you will have to focus only on organizing the event.

Event Promotion

We will ensure that your event gets promoted to more and more people. We will use effective channels to promote your event, thus increasing your ticket sales.

Site Inspections

We can conduct professional site visits to ensure that everything is well-managed and according to the demands. Our management staff will inspect the site to make sure all is settled before the event begins. We will ensure that during the event, everything goes according to the plan.

Progress Monitoring

Once your event is booked with us, we will take up whole responsibility of making It successful. We will provide you with the timely updates about the event arrangements. In this way, you will be able to keep a track of event ticketing, event arrangements and response of the target audience.



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